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Cacti and Succulents Like...

​Cacti and Succulents like:

A warm and sunny location during the growing season Fresh air circulation Good drainage, house plant or cactus soil mixtures Transplanting into a dry soil mix at the beginning of the growing season and withholding of water for a few days Regular watering during growing season: let almost dry out between waterings Facing the same direction during the spring so as not to lose their flower buds Winter rest: for springtime flowering plants, keep dry and cool (5-10C) A balanced, dissolvable fertilizer in their growing period


South African succulents and caudiciform types tend grow in fall and winter and rest in spring and summer. Often plants will adapt to local growing seasons. Winter-flowering Christmas Cactus Schlumbergera and Rhipsalis need a bright warm place in winter and spraying to increase air moisture. Many succulents, like species of Hoodia, and Lithops do not like much watering from September to June. Each plant is different! Make sure you find out any specifics from the place you obtained the plant from.

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