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Recap from end of Fall 2023

September 2023 started off wonderfully with a decent member turnout for Jana’s presentation on the anatomy of a cactus. It was insightful learning about the makeup of cacti and how mimicking their natural habitat would affect how we care for them within our homes. For example, some cacti have larger root systems than others, requiring us to pot them in deeper pots. Meanwhile, some cacti would prefer a light misting over watering the soil around it. Thank you Jana for sharing your research with us! Feel free to reach out to her if you missed the meeting and want to learn more about your cacti!

The October meeting was led by Anna who shared with us her findings on propagation and growing from seeds. Those present learned ways of storing pollen, how to fertilize flowers, and how some plants are gender specific for reproduction. Anna’s presentation included photo examples from her own and other members’ collections. Thank you Anna for your detailed research and taking the time to share your findings with the club! If you’re interested in seed propagation, have a chat with Anna the next time you see her!

The last meeting of the 2023 year brought a wonderful potluck with delicious food from all the present club members that evening. But before anyone was allowed to dive into the feast, business needed to be taken care of. Members volunteered for council positions for the next year. You’ll find a list of the member positions in the next newsletter. Once all roles were filled, everyone was finally free to dig into the food! Thanks for a great year, we look forward to seeing you at the first meeting of the year on Tuesday, January 16th!!

(Or at the second meeting on Tuesday, February 20th if you weren't brave enough to face the cold in January!)

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